Current & Future R&D Pipeline

Water Neutrality

Water will become one of the top resources having societal impact. Recognising this fact, Reepel has access to and is developing in-house technology for low cost, high volume atmospheric water harvesting. Atmospheric water represents a near limitless source of potable water across a major part of the globe. Reepel aims to operate with net-zero primary water usage.

Partnership with Enduser Feed Producer to Decarbonise Multiple Sectors

We have partnered with an enduser specialist feed company to provide a comprehensive solution for tuneable feed using our novel DZ-ABR technology. The solution utilises carbon dioxide and wastewater by-products of food and beverage industry as feedstock , in a novel process cycle.

Partnership with Enabling Technology Company to Use Wastewater as Feedstock

Partnership with enabling technology company that can reduce opacity of the wastewater and remove ammonia in a low-cost manner. This enables Reepel to utilise this wastewater as feedstock for a variety of operations.